Koh Samui Island Getaway

Today busy life is ordinary.  We all use shortcuts on our phone and computer, take a coffee on the go, and are reading lots of time management and productivity books to make things faster with more efficiency. Is it possible to have an enjoyable and fast Koh Samui Island Getaway?

At Samui Turquoise Villas is it possible! Most of our guests are staying 3-4 nights to get a refresh from the busy city life. Fast & enjoyable Koh Samui Island Getaway is the new trend now!

Let’s Start!

At first, try to find a short flight to Koh Samui, find our article about the way to travel to Koh Samui for more details. A comfortable and fast flight is your guaranty of a good mood from your first step at the Airport of Koh Samui Island.

We already described the 9 reasons to visit Koh Samui, as Koh Samui is an amazing place, with more than 300 sunny days a year. To choose the best time, have a look at our article about the best time to visit Koh Samui and the Best weather forecast website is you’re traveling “Last Minute”.

Get Organized

The best way to have a great holiday is to get organized in advance!

We recommend to our guest to make a food pre-order, so you don’t need to think about it during your stay and our in-house team with our Cooking chef will prepare the most delicious meals for you. The best is to pre-order classic Thai dishes with your favorite meats (Or fresh Sea-foods), to get in this special Thai culture mood from the start of your holidays. Vegetarian/Detox options are available on request.

Vegan / Vegetarian / Detox options are available on request.

Stay at the Villa

Samui Turquoise Villas are fully equipped for a peaceful stay near the pool with stunning views or + villa 1 offers a Bonzini table football near the swimming pool and the villa2 offers a high-end pool table. All our villas offer a gorgeous sea view on Ko Mat Lang Island.

We have 2,3,4,6 or 7 bedrooms villas for rent!

Find more info about Villa 1, Villa 2 and Villa Duo



What’s a holiday in Thailand without a SPA treatment and massage?

Pre-order a massage therapist for every morning/day/evening of your stay. A massage table is available by request at the villas.

The most popular are Aroma massage and Thai massage.


The Sun

Don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun and always use a sunscreen when you’re outside during the day.

Even only 3 days Koh Samui Island Getaway without sun-protection could damage your skin health.


Going out & Explore

Samui is an island of many possibilities, it is convenient to people searching for some tropical jungle adventure, relaxed boat trips, as well as nightlife parties.

All that you need for a perfect Koh Samui Island Getaway.

We recommend renting a Minivan for a tour of the Island with photo stops (3-5 h will be enough) on the second or third day / Or rent a car to be independent and to see all the hidden gems of the Island.

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